Highest rating tv shows

Most popular Tv series list.

1. Breaking bad (2008 - 20013)

9.5/10 Imdb ---- 95% likes this tv show

Walter White, a chemistry teacher, discovers that he has cancer and decides to get into the meth-making business to repay his medical debts. His priorities begin to change when he partners with Jesse.

2. Game of throne (since 2011)

9.5/10 Imdb ---- 94% likes this show

Several royal families desire the Iron Throne to gain control of Westeros. Whilst kingdoms fight each other for power, a sinister force lurks beyond the Wall in the north.

3. Sherlock holmes (since 2010)

9.2 imdb ---- 90% likes this show

Dr. Watson, a former army doctor, finds himself sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric individual with a knack for solving crimes. Together, they take on the most unusual cases.