Plant Diversity Notes For Neet ug exam

Gonylaux - 
Gonyalux plant diversity

Gonyalux is genus of Dino flagellates. Gonyalux is an armoured marine planktonic microorganism and it belongs to red Dino flagellates, commonly causes red tides (bloom)

Red tide photos
Red tide of sea

It is caused by the rapid multiplication (bloom) of red dinoflagellates (e.g. Gonyaulax) hence make the sea appear red and also toxins are realised by such large numbers may even kill other marine animals such as fishes. When the human get these toxins by food chain. Toxins may cause paralysis in human. [Paralytic shellfish poisoning (PSP)]

Euglena - 
Euglena picture

Connecting link of plants and animals according to two kingdom system, some scientists placed in kingdom plantar and some others placed in kingdom animalia because Euglena lackes cell wall but it performs photosynthesis so it placement not justified. But when fine kingdom system comes in role, Euglena is classified in kingdom protists it is unicellular and eukaryote.

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